The week Ahead for June 9, 2019

We enter the week Flat in all markets but are watching the following opportunities:

Monthly Gold (Comex 100 oz)

Gold has begun to show signs of life lately with resistance levels being approached which have been in place since 2014. We entered a nice trade earlier in the week and will continue to look for opportunities on the upside. In the immediate future we are looking for a break above 1361 to re-enter.

Wheat (July 2019 Contract)

We will continue to watch the Agriculturals for trades as the US planting season continues. Currently we are looking for a break above 529 to go Long or a collapse below 487 to enter a Short trade.

S&P (June 2019 Contract)

We believe the S&P will continue to be volatile as it is lead by headlines and tweets. Although it may show temporary signs of strength, our models have the S&P breaking below 2830 in the not too distant future and therefore we are favoring Short S&P trades over Long ones at this point in time.